Who has the legal ownership of the posts we do within the WA community - not our web sites?

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gnoose Premium

I was going to answer, but it seems that all of the bases have been covered. You certainly stirred the nest with this question and rightfully so. Thank you for asking.

From my point of view. Once anything hits the internet its fair game. Oh sure, there are those who will talk about secure servers or the "Cloud". Once on someones server, it never goes away no matter what you're told.

Ok, said my spoke. I didn't mean to get on my soap box.

WilsonP Premium
Great question Christine, I was assuming the author was the owner, but reading some responses I am not so sure. I do make copies of all that I do anyway.
Just a thought, once published, if we were no longer the owner, how are we able to edit the content without asking permission.

AlexEvans Premium
Hi Christine, as authors of the content we create here in WA we have certain rights over that content, for instance, we can delete and or remove any content that we create. In real terms, by publishing here on the Wealthy Affiliate platform we grant Wealthy Affiliate a set of certain worldwide rights.

Best to have a look at the terms of service here;


The area of interest is the section;

3. Intellectual Property;

Section 3.2 Customer Content.

and also section;

9. General

9.1 Assignment.

Hope this is helpful.

CMKetay Premium
Thanks so much, Alex. I think this is it! C
laparra1 Premium
Good Morning Christine,

As long as you are a member of WA you can do with your post what you want.
It can happen when you have published a post that it suddenly disappears, WA has taken it away because in the text was something against the WA rules. It has happened to me once, I still saw my post on the list but nobody else did. I found out about it months later.
When I took photos off my Media file, I write my WA post on my website draft, I discovered these photos had disappeared from my WA posts. When I had reput the photos on the posts it got a new date. Even if the post was published a year ago with the new date it looked as if I had recently written it. This shows that your content on WA functions like your website.
When somebody leaves WA all the posts, training, and questions are gone. If all of this is important to that person make copies before you go.

Greetings from the south of Spain,

SondraM Premium
We may own the content that we post. However, by posting it on WA platform, we are required to abide by their rules.

Their rules include the fact that we are not supposed to use the same content/posts that we publish here in other places, to include our personal website.

For more info see: . This link talks about a lot of rules in addition to spam.