Hi, I had visited where you have 3 options to chose from to bring in new people here to become an affiliate, to become a customer here, and another one...it is the page that shows you how much revenue you can bring in with examples such as 2 purchases=$1,200 a month 50 purchases $4,000 etc...I am trying to find how to get to that page again...I dont rememebr where I seen it played in the videos so I am stuck. Please help. I need to share a link to a company that would probably be interested in becoming a member here, not affiliate...also I would like the affiliate link too, but that is my main goal. Thank you.

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SimoninAsia Premium
Labman is right, click the dollar in a circle in the top right and you'll be able to access your unique links and stats etc.

I know the training is a lot to take in at first but I promise you it will all make sense for you as you continue going through the training. You're basically learning how to create websites that attract daily free daily visitors through the search engines.

Once you know how to do that there are many ways to make money from it, including affiliate marketing, putting ads on your site, promoiting your own books or courses etc. The possibilities are endless! :)
Labman Premium
Click on the Dollar sign icon on the top right. then Program details. Your personal affiliate link is at the top of the page.