When I wrote my first campaign message, I wrote from the prospective that the person came from one of my affiliate websites, to WA. Example, Hi this is Rudy from Affiliate website, so they know it's me.

How do you write your welcome message?

Your thoughts?

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amjadjudeh Premium
Same way.
I would give a small brief on what they get here like:
- A step-by-step affiliate business plan
- Detailed video & written training courses
- Research tools
- Web hosting with premium support
- Community support and networking

Then I would say, click on the following link to start with the first level of the training NOW:
Link to the first level of the OEC training.

Finish the first ten lessons to get a full picture on how to build a successful and income generating online business and start your first website without coding.


P.s. If you need any assistance, ask me anytime and I will do my best to help you.
ChrisHiew Premium
Here is a welcome lesson in the affiliate bootcamp to welcome new member joining via your affiliate link. You can follow the instructions how to draft the welcome messages by Kyle or write your own. Chris
1Rudy1 Premium
Awesome, thanks Chris!