Hey All :-)

Please don't read between the lines on this one, as there are no lines to read :-)

I love Wealthy Affiliate and the Pay it Forward Community, so I would never Self Promote by placing links on my Profile, in Blogs, in Training, in Comments or even via PM for members to purchase or pay for services from me, or even place my Affiliate Links anywhere on this platform.

I have done and will continue to do so, provide free help to all members for all things WA related where I can, via replies to comments, PM's, Blog Posts and also via Training.

However, over the last 3+ months that I have been a member here, I have been asked numerous times to help members on a one-to-one basis, by logging in to their WordPress to complete actions on their behalf, provide telephone advice/support and to even provide remote desktop access to train them in realtime. The members keep on offering to pay me for my time and service.

The rules for WA are very clear, as in, do not communicate outside of the WA Platform, do not Self Promote and do not place Affiliate Links anywhere on the platform.

To date, I have either provided the above help free of charge or I have politely declined advising that it is against the WA Rules and T&C's etc.

I was, therefore, wondering how other more seasoned members have dealt with this. Have/Do you provide services outside of WA to other members? If yes, have you accepted payment from those members?

I don't want to accept payment for services to then be blocked/banned from WA, so I'd be very interested in your thoughts on how to approach this in the future.

Thank you in advance and speak soon,
Chrystopher :-)

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YumaBloggers Premium
If you are asked to perform a service for another member it is not soliciting the sale. I have taken paid guest posts in the past without issues. I don't advertise for them and don't make the jobs public to solicit others but some projects requested consume too much valuable time to perform for free.
Billwright1 Premium
Christopher I would definitely pay you for your services but it doesn't seem right for one reason you've never offered and I feel it's not right because the live chat doesn't even look like a place to do that like I've got learning on mind not paying a brother community member for stuff that you can find out from guy's like you I think you've done well with this last guy and Ill back you and follow you're leeds
ChrystopherJ Premium
Thank you for your feedback Bill, and you're right, I have never offered my services from a paid-for point of view and Live Chat is definitely not the place to offer or find that type of service. All learning should come free of charge via the Pay it Forward method here at WA :-)
GazBower Premium
I can't advise one way or the other, but I would like to say that in the short time I have been in contact with you I have found you to be one of the most generous people here at WA.
Wishing you the very best with whatever you decide to do.

Take care.
ChrystopherJ Premium
I really appreciate that Gaz, thank you :-)
Triblu Premium
Hey Chrystopher,

Whenever I have been approached, I suggest that this is what this platform is all about... L e a r n i n g.

And, that if they would prefer to hire someone to handle building their website for them that they should contact a website developer / designer in their own town / city, so that they would be less likely to be found having issues with them.

Like you, I am NOT here to gain website customers and therefore will not take on ANY jobs that come my way via this platform... well, unless Caron, Kyle or Jay wanted me to do some work for them, of course. ;-)

Hope you find this helpful.
ChrystopherJ Premium
I really appreciate your feedback Trish thank you :-)
Joezout Premium
I don't see where there can possibly be a conflict, you are not soliciting or advertising or any way or form drumming up business on the WA platform. You have not ever requested individuals to contact you in person and when they have you have never asked them for payment. These individuals seek you out, there is the major difference, they offer you payment for your services, there is the other major difference. I cannot see where any possible WA rule would be broken or even slightly bent if you were to accept payment at a proper amount level from those individuals who sought you out unsolicited. This would be more or less a tutoring situation, a private tutoring situation at that and not one that would bend any WA rule.
ChrystopherJ Premium
Really good feedback on the question Joe, thank you :-)