I have done all the configuration, but, still can't withdraw referral earning to PayPal. I don't know what is the trouble behind me, Please help me. and anyone had such issue, tell me what should I do?

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KenShaddock Premium
What numbers, are you passed your threshold minimums. And like below is your papal account and email properly linked
accad Premium
WA will remind you if you have already reached your threshold.
JKulk1 Premium
I'd be contacting site support. Jim
apache1 Premium Plus
Are you taling about earnings from WA if so you would need to set the limit before you can get paid from WA.

If it is with another affiliate company you are part of you need to look at what their minimum threshold is before they will pay you.
MaxiMos Premium
Errr...is your email linked to your paypal from WA?