I was wondering did anyone have professional, yet personal advice on how not to let failure get in the way of succeeding? This subject has really piqued my interest as it is an everyday, universal experience that needs to be addressed with an impartial, constructive, healthy lens.


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IvanBroz Premium
Use failure as an opportunity to learn from your mistakes and to build a better and stronger plan of action. Every failure has a lesson in it that will help you to achieve more success in the future. The key, in my experience, to not taking failure negatively is continuous action. It’s either going to keep you in place or help you to reach new heights. Whatever happens, you must not stop taking action.

I hope this helps :)
Elijah88 Premium Plus
Yes, very helpful and insightful.
jghwebbrand Premium
Everyone has a choice of how they want to handle failure. Those who succeed are those who see it as an opportunity to learn from it and develop something better or achieve more success because they understand the cause of failure.

There are others who see failure as a brick wall and stop. They can't see beyond, around or over it. They see failure as a reason to stop.
Elijah88 Premium Plus
Very true!
ElodieF4321 Premium
HI Elijah great question ,love it.

In life there is and will always be failure but it depends on how you deal wit has it.

When I was younger I failed my nursing exam and I was crushed. I had some friends and they taught me how to laugh thru my tears
I will encourage you or any one to go out have fun and laugh a lot, also pray for peace.

Elijah88 Premium Plus
Thank you for your optimism. Now that is a virtue worth nursing.
leoemery Premium
Failure is the part of the process to succeeding.

And everyone fails. And anyone telling you different is lying to you and themselves.

And yep when you have a failure (challenge) it may seem like you're the only one. You're not.

As long as you're failing forward (learning) you'll succeed at anything.

Just remember it's your mindset that's going to determine your success and your failure.

Simply put - if you think you can you will. If you think you can't you will.
Elijah88 Premium Plus
Thanks for the brutally honest advice! I love the feedback.
philmedia Premium Plus
HEY ...It's simple 80 per cent of people will give up 20 per cent won't maybe less ... which camp do you want to be in.

People who give up don't like feedback and don't like failure but there is no failure only feedback. We are either on track or off track.

The only way to succeed is to fail so if you give up anyway you have failed so why not just keep going.....

No one really cares anyway so just stop it and get on with it

If failure is a fear get help for it and invest in yourself rather than going for your next hair cut or netflix subscription.

People can help you.Its a great thing to do.

Deal with the cause not the symptoms.

Dump your law of attraction tips and take action instead because that is the law of attraction - its often misunderstood.

Above all just stop it. Take action do anything . Just take action but above all stop talking about it. It will become the story you tell yourself over and over.

There you go you did ask:) good question all the best Phil

Ps not aimed at you it is my general outlook because anything else leads people in the wrong direction in my view ...
richardgb Premium
As you might expect Phil, I like your comprehensive list here.

I would just add an overview of a process for continuous improvement (a cutdown version of my coaching process) that moves towards success...
1. figure out what we want;
2. figure out what we need to do to get there:
3. get things done;
4 notice the outcome, plan improvements and repeat the process until we achieve the outcome we want.

Of course, following such a process, we never achieve everything because each time round we most likely upgrade what we want!
philmedia Premium Plus
A great summary Richard, I love it... its a great first class model for success, as they say the best mountain climber never want to reach the top they are busy enjoying the journey... :) Hope all good with you...Phil
Elijah88 Premium Plus
No offense taken actually. I am just looking for constructive feedback and I wholeheartedly agree with your feedback. Thank you so much!
philmedia Premium Plus
love it, my pleasure, great question and one that comes a lot and we all have it , it is natural we are human. all the best, Phil