When a person sends someone a welcome to WA and/or welcome to Premium status, what, if any links are acceptable?

In my humble opinion and I welcome all ideas, feedback and questions below as well, anytime you welcome someone other than your own personal referral that any link that You share should only be an official link from the WA system and/or Kyle or Carson.

Any sharing of your own links .. ie.... Take a look at this post, it will help You, is in my opinion spamming that person and also self promoting yourself.

If you are doing this, please stop!

Also please don't say something like, take a look at my websites/social media pages etc.. on the bottom right side of my WA profile page etc..... Once again, I feel that is self promoting and almost just as blatant as sharing your links....

For your own personal referrals, I can see why a person would be ok sharing their posts and even then I believe that it is frowned upon as well.

Thank You Friends for reading and sharing your ideas, opinions, questions etc... below!

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nsilva2270 Premium
I agree. Just a quick personal note welcoming them to WA is sufficient.
jofa Premium
Ok. Thanks.
IamVirginia Premium
You may be right, I will have to PM Kyle about this. My welcome message is a bit wordy...
MarionBlack Premium
This method of self-promotion has become rife lately, Tony. I would personally like to see it stopped in its tracks. I've already sent a private message to Carson on the subject but I haven't heard back from him as yet.
IamVirginia Premium
Except who gets to decide what is self promotion? I am only trying to be helpful and give sound advice. I am doing for others what I would like people to do for me. Nothing more. I think I need to PM Kyle myself.
LAllard Premium
I agree with you, Tony Hamilton. The community is for support, learning, and advice IMHO - not for an audience to market to in any way. I know with marketing, people can get in to a habit of giving links. Kind of like business people used to reflexively give out business cards. But WA is more than just business contacts. It's a real community.
Godsmack12 Premium
Should be a welcome message that's it. If the person follows you and they want to follow or check out your site then they can without being influenced by you.
IamVirginia Premium
I post links, But I do not believe that I am self promoting. Here is my message:
Congratulation on upgrading to Premium! You have begun a journey that will change your life.
Just remember, life is filled with situations where we are faced with a ‘fight or flight’ decision. If you run, you’ll have to face the same fight again. You want to change your life? You have to fight for it. But take heart – you are in good company! Don't give up!
One mistake that I made as a newbie at WA was posting the link to my site in my profile and in live chat. I was looking for feedback on my progress but I have since learned that this is a no-no. I was not aware that I was breaking the rules and I am thankful that someone kindly warned me, before just turning me in.
With that in mind, for your convenience; I have included a link to the rules about spam in this welcome message: I am also including a URL to a thread where it IS OK to post your URL’s and ask for feedback.


I hope this will help you and prevent any problems for you as you move forward.
Feel free to follow me and if you have any questions, I will be happy to either answer them or direct you to someone who can.

Always remember: the only stupid question is the one that you don’t ask

I value your opinion. What do you think?
HeidiY Premium
I would call those official WA links and are perfectly acceptable. I thought Tony was only referring to links to your own personal site.

Did I interpret the original post wrong?
IamVirginia Premium
I also use this message when people thank me:

You are welcome. Just remember: I felt overwhelmed at first too! Information overload! Take your time. Ignore all the stuff you don't understand yet, just concentrate on the training and things will come into focus.
This may come in handy for you: Just take it slowly; it was the turtle that won the race, not the rabbit. Baby steps forward, my new e-friend.

I think he is referring to my using my own blog here. I am ONLY trying to be helpful. I am NOT self-promoting.
Apparently, many disagree with me. That is OK.
When Kyle or Carson have a problem with me, Then I will respectfully change my approach.
HeidiY Premium
My feeling is unless someone specifically asks me to view my site, it is spam or at the very least unwanted.

Great post, I look forward to reading others replies