Has anyone had their membership renewed automatically recently? If so, did it happen on the day expected, or did it take a while. It's just that mine is due today and can't see it just now. Don't want to miss the renewal date.

I know a few others have posted similar, but wondered if anyone else has had a successful automatic renew?

Anne xx

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BrightSales Premium
Mine was renewed automatically on Sunday. I saw the results from PayPal. PayPal always alert me on my transactions. I was content knowing that my renewal went through with no issues. You might not see it on this date but tomorrow you will. Also keep in mind, it will depend on your banking institution if doing bank withdrawal. For credit cards, you will see it on the same day, most likely late in the day as pending. All the best!
keishalina Premium
hey hi Anne .. it's likely all ok ....

just to confirm for your own comfort ....

suggest you might want to check your Account and billing information by:

... heading over to your WA profile > Account Settings > Subscription > billing information to verify the payment...

all the best ... :)
Anne68 Premium
Hi Keisha. Thanks for coming back to me. I did check my Account billing all morning, which was why I was concerned. Just checked again and it's gone through. Phew!! All ok now.

Thanks again. xx
keishalina Premium
*** whew! .. wonderful! ...

hope you're feeling better now that it's gone through ...

keep well, cheerio ... :) ***
Pkizito1 Premium
Yes I have just got Premium +Plus and its cool.
FlxGo99 Premium
Hi Anne. I did take the Black Friday yearly offer. It was extended, so if you want it, there still time to grab it.
vvidmar Premium Plus
I took Black Friday too :)
Dale123 Premium Plus
It could happen at any point throughout the day, don't worry :)