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WA is Awesome!

What is your Favorite thing about WA?

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dragonfly10 Premium Plus
The community support. Our ambassadors with their ever ending guidance. The training which is continuously being updated. And the individual shining stars who are always on hand to motivate and encourage us on our journey. This the most fabulous community to be a member of.
Kyle, Carson, and Jay to keep all of us on track.
Marley2016 Premium
My friend, I am going to be completely honest here, I cannot pick just one thing about WA to be my favorite because I love everything about WA and am so happy to be here!!!!!
There is still so very much for me to learn and each day I learn
something new I will never become bored or tired of being here.
Since we are on the subject "What is your favorite thing about WA"
Susan :)
MrTBlack Premium
The great community, everyone comes together to help get you the answers you need. Between the community and The training, It is so great to have such through training to help teach us what we need to know.
EKaye1 Premium
It has to be the community spirit here. When you need a question answered, its answered very quickly. The encouragement is fantastic and you may be feeling down sometimes, but you see a post that someone has done and it lifts your spirits. The amount we learn from each other helps so much.
Bibian2 Premium
I love WA support system 100% it's awesome.