I am transferring my domain to bluehost, and the last step of the process requires me to enter an admin contact verification code.

I have contacted the seller eNOM but they directed me to WA. The admin email is currently noreply@data-protect.com (which is hyper generic and i assume we all have it)

I have no access to this email account. WA does.

I need the code so I can continue my transfer.

I opened up a ticket last night and was left on hold for over 2 hours of being told that a response would come in the next few minutes, when I checked the ticket this morning there was still no response.

Please help, I would like to move on with this process. I have opened up a second ticket but still no response.

Does anyone know a way around this?

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MystMarket Premium
As far as WA and eNom (their provider) have told me i need to contact WA to do it
DynamicDavid Premium
I assume that you mean the admin contact for your domain name. Does you domain registrar not allow you to enter your "back office" for your domain name and change those type of entries yourself? Mine does.
MystMarket Premium
I figured, thank you. On my second ticket, they said they are still working on it but its been 12 hours after my original ticket when they said it would only take a couple minutes.

I'll just be more patient, thank you.
onmyownterms Premium
No, unfortunately, only Kyle/Carson or SiteSupport can help you.