Hello! Do I have to transfer my domain from namecheap to WA in order to transfer my rubix site content to this new domain? I've just bought the domain and would like to avoid paying twice (13,99$ for the osting at WA). Thank you in advance for your help.

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Jay Gumbs Premium
There is no "transferring" involved. If you have a domain at Namecheap, all you need to do as OMOT said is to point your DNS servers to WA Hosting.

Now the part that I think you want to do is you have a site rubix site on a free domain and you want to get it onto the domain that you just bought. Right?

To do this just go to the Site Manager and look for your site then look for the button that says "Move". You will then get a pop up with two options - just choose "To a New Domain" and complete the other steps.
onmyownterms Premium
All you have to do is point your DNS servers to WA hosting, you do not have to transfer the domain name itself.
Maja977 Premium
That is what I did, but how do I transfer my rubix site to this new domain?
RockWA Premium

Your site rubix domain is a unique sub domain itself. Your only option is to transfer your siterubix domain's content into your NEW domain name and delete the old siterubix domain to avoid duplicate copies.

Kyle have emphasized that we can only have one domain name (That is non-editable) at a time and must be careful on choosing. Each domain name is unique and non interchangeable.

As Iv'e suggested if you have a new domain name. The only option is to transfer the contents and not the domain name.

I hope these helps,