I have really struggled to get my site to join media vine, the closest I got was in February where just a few hundred sessions were missing. and I made a mistake of not applying.

After that, my site got hijacked( my traffic sourse has issues) since then, things have just continued going down,it`s the first time in 4 years I`m almost not making money in affiliate marketing.

Now to you guys with media vine, what can I do? I work 13 hours minimum recently every day, for 12 days straight before I have 2 days free so time online is so limited,if I get my 2 days free, 1 day is spent sleeping as im too tired to open my eyes.

Could someone please explain in PLAIN ENGLISH how I can improve my traffic so I can join media vine.

Please don`t tell me to write more, I sure have alot of content.Please don`t say I should promote more, I got home 9.30pm from work last night, now is 4.39 am and I`m up getting ready to leave.It leaves no time to be online.

Im ready to outsource(honestly I don`t know if it`s possible to outsource someone to drive traffic).

How do I get the traffic to join mediavine?

I really value and appreciate your inpots.

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BrightSales Premium
Outsourcing can be very helpful. Just contact a good influencer and ask if they can add your link to their page for free or for a fee. If they ask you "how much" you are willing to pay, give them an answer. Don't ask them "how much" to put a link on their page. You can even put a banner on their page for a few days which will probably cost you a few bucks. A great place to start is Facebook. You might want to look up business groups who will let you put your link on their page for free. But you will have to follow their rule. See if any of this works in your favor. Best wishes.
AbieAJ Premium Plus
Hi, below resource could be of use to you
roamy Premium Plus
Thanks I know that, what I`m looking for is ways to increase traffic