I wanted to ask everyone what they think of the main menu here at WA. I'm talking about the left hand side menu that is on nearly every page within WA. Do you use it? If so, what items do you feel are most important? We have some ideas about making the main menu a lot more "usable" but always like to get feedback before making changes like this. If you have a few moments, let me know what you think about it. Carson
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nathaniell Premium
I pretty much use dashboard, classrooms, and occasionally training. I use live chat a lot, but I participate from the dashboard. As a suggestion, I would like to be able to go directly to my PM inbox instead of going forum > inbox.

Hope this helps!
Carson Premium
Yes, it definitely helps and I will write down your suggestion for getting you into your Private Message box directly. I see that you are very active in classrooms and this is awesome. As more and more people learn about how valuable classrooms are, the activity will continue grow!
Labman Premium
I find that I use the
Live Chat
My Profile
Affiliate Program
Build Websites
Watch Wabinars
Account settings

and occasionally the Link Tracking although I usually go to Goo.gl for that now.

Recommended Training is referenced for new folks often but I don't use them much unless I'm answering a specific question that is found in those 4 tutorials.
Carson Premium
Hey Craig. Thanks for letting me know how you use the main menu. Kyle and I are gathering info on how people use the main menu so that we can create a solution that works for everyone. I agree, the recommended training is not used by a lot of people other than to copy the links to give to others in chat, or within comments etc.
From what I see, most new people on here, in spite of instructions they get on what to do when signing up and joining, that almost nobody takes the time to look at the main menu, and thus ask, "What do I do?" I've seen the "Getting Started" link flashed hundreds of times on the Live Chat.

People just don't want to read and jump in without doing so.

As for the menu, I use:

*Build Websites
*Watch WAbinars
*Have used Keyword Lists a couple times
*Getting Started (to get the link for new people because they don't know the menu is there)
*Occasionally fetch links from the other three in the menu under "Recommended Training."

This layout couldn't be simpler, but somehow it needs to stand out more so it gets noticed.

The menu used to be across the top and I wonder if that was a better format. On the other hand, the sidebar couldn't be in a better location for what it is because folks read from left to right and why the menu isn't noticed by new folks, even several days after arriving is not known to me.

I have, on a couple occasions, used the keyword lists found in here. This is one of the oldest continuing features in WA, but I wonder how many people use them anymore.
Carson Premium
Awesome feedback Daniel. We are also considering moving the menu across the top so that we can deliver some more personalized information in the left hand column. We will be collecting feedback over the next little while and will be looking into possible solutions.

People who are new to WA do not seem to look at the main menu. I use the "Recommended Training" section to grab links to pass on to others, but myself I do not use much in the main menu other than:

Build websites
Watch Webinars
Affiliate Program

Do you use the "My profile" link in the main menu, or do you click on your picture in the top header?

I actually use the menu for "My Profile" than I do the image, but maybe even more half-and-half, just depending where my eyes are at the time.

Yes, I've overlooked these two which I use often...

Affiliate Program

The four you mentioned are the easiest ways to get to these areas, if not, the only way.
Shadi M Premium
Hi Daniel and Carson, you are right Daniel, as a new member I didn't notice the menu too much, its polite look and small size with no bold fonts for menu's subtitles maybe the reason no. 2, but the reason no.1 I think is that while reading and scrolling down, the menu stay up and not stay static and viewed to the left side of the screen while scrolling. but after new folks recognize it, it became their safe place to start from.
I fear if you moved it to the top, the viewing screen became smaller and that's not good for some small screens.
findingemo Premium
I use it everyday but I would continue to use it regardless of where it was located or what it looked like, having one click access to majority of my daily tasks is so convenient. I use it to check pretty much the same things that Bo uses it for (sans SA)...
bothewebguy Premium
I use it everyday.. As a premium member, I click these links the most
I am a habitual checker.... so I review the tracking and stats of stuff a lot

dashboard(to top 10 list) /aff program/street articles

and of course the
build websites
because I am using wa for hosting of most all my new stuff... clients too.
Carson Premium
OK thanks for the feedback because it really helps!

Our goal is to make the links that you click often, really easy to find so that navigation of WA is as easy as possible. I've made some notes about the items that you've mentioned.