I have always known that Wealthy Affiliate is most appreciated for its outstanding training and support. And the tools that are provided are amazing. You see, right now I am writing this small article within WA using the Rapid Writer tool. You don't even need a word processor to use this site and creating content. Everything you could possibly need to build a business online is encapsulated with in this gated community, this safe haven. So after creating content for my website review, I post it. and what happens next? I go in to manage the comments on my site. And who do I find, has left a comment with a small review of my content and some advice as well an a complement? None other than Kyle, one of the owners of Wealthy Affiliate. I mean how can these two guys Kyle and Carson have the time to be so hands on? So later I'm in the chat room and Carson is there, so I ask him about the Word Press editor. And he helps me with that question. Just when you expect to be getting most of your help from the multitudes of experts in this community, these guys show up. They are actually like, always here?!?! Never do they come off as like President and Vice President or CEO's but more like members, In fact that just what they are. With profiles and rankings just like the rest of us. it is so refreshing. Thanks guys for being here for us. Cacaoboy
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Shawn Martin Premium
Pretty amazing place ey? :)
Freedomseekr Premium
I totally agree with you! Kyle and Carson are always here answering questions and helping out everyone here! I don't know how they find the time, but they do!
danyellalee Premium
I agree with you completely. They always seem to be here, and respond to everyone. I wonder if they've found a secret way to add more hours to the day, so they can support WA 110% the way they do, and still enjoy hobbies or pursuits outside of WA! ;-)
Hudson Premium
Agree absolutely. Have been at WA now for 10 months and both Kyle and Carson have come back to me each time I have needed and asked for their help - just awesome. Superb to know that this level and depth of support is available as needed.
Carson Premium Plus
Kyle and I have always believed that being active within Wealthy Affiliate, helps keep us in touch with the wants and needs of the community. We believe that if WE use Wealthy Affiliate, that we can quickly determine what it needs, and how it can improve. Not to the mention that we love hanging out and helping people. It's very rewarding to see people come to WA and literally build their businesses right before our eyes!

As co-owners, Kyle and I will always be highly active and involved. We will be here to lend a hand and help in any way we can!
SpringOnEarth Premium
That's the coolest thing ever, you guys!!! :)