I want so badly yo become a member again, but I am struggling right now. I am a single mom fighting bipolar and PTSD. I work everyday just to keep my house. I really dont have the extra money and I have no family. My mom, dad and grandparents are gone, my brother and husband all in prison. I'm trying.

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Hi Tricia I just started to your right about it being kinda hard, but that does not mean its impossible, just about anything can be done by just about anybody .you'll get there so will I take it a day at a time get help if you need it. Have a good day.
Dale123 Premium Plus
Sometimes, as much as you want to do it, it's just not the right take. Health always comes before wealth. We'll still be around, when you're in a better position to pursue it.
feigner Premium
in that case drop out for a while - learn what you can here while still a member and go look outside of wa for cheap hosting - set your site up there - or even better create a youtube channel for free - start creating vids - maybe reviews with a link to the sales page( become a member of clickbank and jvzoo and other networks for digital products)
and get together at least 6 months or even the annual fee - make it a goal ...
then come back..pay the annual fee and you don't need to worry about it...three months after you come back then create training for all those in your position now ...how ot get back here....
i really wish you the best Tricia and i hope to see you in the future...
jay has some training on creating videoa and youtube - worth checking out now under classes - you can watch him at 1.5x speed ...makes it more interesting....
Aparna155 Premium
Sign up for a month.
become a certified commenter inside WA.
It will help u earn back the monthly fees Tricia
nudge1969 Premium Plus
Hi Tricia

I really feel for you in your situation, it sounds like you're doing it tough.

I can't help financially, but I can give you some tips to get started again.

Maybe just stick to the free membership for now. While doing so, share your WA affiliate link with other people that you may think would like to join. Maybe create a 'Money Making Ideas' YouTube channel and build it up with different ways people can make money on the side, and share your affiliate link.

Join up to Facebook groups where people are looking to earn money online, and share your link in the comments. The same with twitter and/or Instagram.

Actually Pinterest is supposed to be great for selling stuff, so maybe create a free WA website selling affiliate products, and make Pinterest images of the products (use Canva) to promote.

At the same time, you need to be building your website. If you don't have time for this, then maybe affiliate marketing isn't right for you. It takes time and commitment to make this work, and we've all had to go through this. I'm sure you can too.

I really hope it works out for you Tricia