I am having difficulty with external links for my website. The current article I am writing I can't find anything to relate in Wikipedia.
Should I link to another website?

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jghwebbrand Premium
Make sure the domain ranks high
You can check it using websiteseochecker dot com but do not buy any backlinks from that site.
webcash2us Premium Plus
Yes, you can, it might be of interest to check out this short video training. It explains the differences between links on your site. John
lifeenablers Premium Plus
Hi, your question is not clear.

Is this what you mean "For your niche content, you could not able to find any relevant content in the internet to refer and hence you did not get the opportunity to refer to them in your website content (page/post) by referring them as external link"?. If this is correct, there is no need to refer to any external links in such a case.
ParthaB Premium

Does that make sense Tai? Hahaha

Wikipedia is NOTthe be all and end all of external linking!!

In fact, it's relevance as an "authority website" is very much in question in my mind.

Ax external link should be placed to any external website that is relevant to your content, never on exactly the same topic (you don't want Google thinking that you're saying that their content on this subject matter is better than yours), but something similar.

If I'm talking about dog food within an article and I mention dog leads, I would link to a website that talks about dog leads (relevant, but NOT the exact same topic as MY article).

Realistically, you want to be linking to other relevant NICHE websites. Wikipedia is clearly NOT a niche website.

TNewkirk Premium
Thank you. I did link to another website. I hope I picked the right one. Ha Ha Ha. I wrote the article that you suggested. Been working on it for 2 damn days.
Could I ask you to go check it out and make any suggestions I need to do or any changes I need to consider? The link is on my profile page.
I really appreciate all the help and suggestions that you have given me.
Thanks again
feigner Premium
so is that a definite yes ...or a maybe yess....
google has a list of core sites that it follows the links from and if you can link to them then it may feel that you know the higher authority sites...and may give you a slight boost...
which is why most do link to wiki as it covers almost every subject...and possibly on googles list of core sites to start outbound links from...(the reason if you can get a link back from wiki your site authority takes a massive jump)
google has to start spidering the web from somewhere.....
DianeScorpio Premium
Hi - you can add external links to any website, not just Wikipedia. Whatever is relevant.

Just don't link to a site that may be seen as being in competition with yourself. Having affiliate links for the same products etc.
TNewkirk Premium
Thank you Diane for responding. I really appreciate it. I did go ahead and link to another website, hoping I picked the right one:)
JeffreyBrown Premium
Only time and results will tell, Tai!