Hello everyone,

I just discovered that my canonical link is twice in the head.php - section.

the first looks like this:

<link rel="canonical" href="https://topfishinggadgets.com/">

and the second:

<link rel="canonical" href="https://topfishinggadgets.com/slug-post-or page/" />

The latter is automatically generated by AIOSEO Pro 4.2.2

Can this hurt?

Best regards,

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MarionBlack Premium
Hi Peter,

You've put so much effort into your website, it's a shame to see that some articles have been written by "admin".

It's an easy fix:
Peterke Premium
Hi Marion, may I ask why?
Peterke Premium
Hi Abie, I find this whole canonical thing confusing. But in the meantime, I've consulted support and they say it can't hurt... So: I trust them... Thanks anyway for your answer!
TheAbie Premium Plus
Right thank you for your feedback.

I would place Admin with my name. Your other questions is a typo mistake.
Peterke Premium
A typo mistake??? Certainly not...