Hey Guys. I think there is an underlying hidden bug in Chrome and Edge but "Only on certain devices". I mean some of my devices are just fine with Chrome and Edge but Desktop is only issue. However some others are having same [ "Missing" menu/Tab ] Home→ Training→ Websites→ Classes→ Research→ Promote→ Publish→ Help are All missing at The top. Clearing Cache no go. 🎄 p.s. Firefox is Fine. p.s. II Issue is only on my Desktop However others are having same problem. Also. Chrome on my Desktop JUMPS everywhere and Chat is very hard to find at the bottom not at top right properly..............Scotty B ♫

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Dale123 Premium Plus
Might be version specific not device specific, drop the info & details about your browser version here: Version # can typically be accessed by going to "Help" -> "About".