Hey All;

I saw Loes posted a blog that said her newest training didn't even make level one for ranking. That is unusual for her.

I wondered if it is down to the new UX that doesn't have the old "Activity" tab to browse through.

I like the new interface, but now that I'm using it for a couple of weeks, I seem to miss a lot more blogs and posts. It seems I have to proactively chase down new info.

And, no, I'm not being lazy. I agree that being proactive is a good thing.

But, I tend to lose interest when I have to scroll too far to find things that used to be right in front of my view. So, then I leave to work on my website. It's more important.

These are my thoughts. Just wondering if others feel they are "missing" things more with the new UX. Maybe we need an "activity" section added back somewhere at the top. I'm hoping this will provide some feedback for the behind the scenes people, too.

Doesn't mean I don't like the new setup, but it is making me work harder to find info, and with all of the current talk of changes, I don't want to miss things.

How are you all finding this aspect of the new UX?

Stella :-)

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TedP Premium
It is feed back like this that will help direct the tweaks or changes for the new system. It was designed to help make things more functionable and easier. The need for feedback after changes are made are always welcome...
Stella2 Premium
Thanks, Ted! :-)
Loes Premium
Yes, I miss the easy switching taps between the activity, top 10 and (un) answered questions/blogs too
There are 4 things to pin to the top, but only one at the time
New Questions
New Blogs
My Training Progress
Affiliate Stats

I think it's messy and unclear
I have told Carson my opinion, that I am totally lost on this dashboard, very unclear - a lot of scrolling - from the heel on the branch - I totally lose the overview

and he said
No functionality lost in regards to seeing unanswered questions or blogs. Unanswered Questions and Blogs are now independent cards.

I don't need my My Training Progress and Affiliate Stats at the top, I rather see the new training and the top ten there
Stella2 Premium
Thanks for adding your comments, Loes.
It's too bad if people are missing great training like yours and others who help out so much.
Yeah, I don't feel like I can see the "big picture" as easily.
Loes Premium
Me neither
JHaugland Premium
I like the new interface, but I totally agree that it feels like I'm missing out on things.
I have pinned new questions to the top of my dashboard and altered my email notifications, and that helped a bit.
I now use my email notifications more than the dashboard when it comes to finding out what's happening.
I would like an option to pin more than one section to the top.
And I would be very happy to see an improvement of the "my notifications" bell at the top right. Sometimes it takes forever to generate the notifications, so I just drop paying attention to them.
Stella2 Premium
Thank you for commenting, and for the extra tips! :-)
Triblu Premium
You guessed it Stella... comments, blogs, questions and training ARE being affected, and Carson has been made aware of this issue. My training tutorial recently being cried for from many new members got ignored too. Now I KNOW it isn't just my account that seems to have gone invisible, so THANK you for posting this!
Stella2 Premium
Yeah, that's too bad. I also feel like people may be missing out on things that would be helpful for them. I'm glad Carson knows.
Triblu Premium
Yes, I have learned that Loes published a tutorial recently and did not get nearly the response she normally gets.