I need your suggestions I bought a domain from a domain company after all the stress to transfer this domain to WA failed I cancelled that domain and they started using it. I thought that the problem why I could not transfer it was from me. Later I went to the same company and bought another domain I allowed it to stay more than sixty days they recommended so that I wouldn't have problem. Now all the effort I have been making to transfer this domain proved abortive.
Please help me and suggest to me what to do.


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codevonish Premium
Did you know that you can buy a domain from WA from under 10 dollars depending.
Bibian2 Premium
Sorry to say this, If you could remember that in early training in WA. 3 companies were named where we can go and purchase domain. So I didn't know much about purchasing at WA till later during my training going forward but this time I have already purchase the second domain.
So while waiting for 60 days to complete I did the course in WA which allowed me to buy a domain. https://pregnancyandlowbackpain.com which was very easy and simple. If you like you can have a look at it and how far I have gone in it.
Thank you so much for caring still waiting in anticipation for suggestion. I think I should need a solicitor. I just want to understand how things work in WA in things like this.