When I put in the title to my WA Blog Post as H1 or H2 Fonts they come out looking terrible after I publish - Why?

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elores Premium
I usually use H3 as the training of site content. All the best.
dragonfly10 Premium
I never HI or H2 they are just too big for the theme pages.
your friend Sandy
LouisaB Premium
Are you in Site Content? I noticed that the tool bar in WordPress is
different and they don't have the same functions.
jlclayton1 Premium
H3 is the largest I use and have never had any problems. Maybe try that one and see if it will work?
MarionBlack Premium
Last time I looked only the H3 was working properly.
Loes Premium
I also use H3 only
Tygilbert Premium
Try editing it in WordPress, try using a smaller font and see what happens after updating it. Just a suggestion, don't know if it Will help.
Chrissies Premium
It depends on your theme.
On mine they come out too big, soI rarely use them :)