Thinking about going platinum plus but would like to see what is included (again). I can't find it at the moment

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Siobhan3 Premium
Looks like you got it!
jghwebbrand Premium
Here is the link for WA membership and their features.

And don't forget to check the Black Friday prices.

One year for Premium + for $499. And once you sign up at that price, the price will never change when renewing.
AbieAJ Premium Plus
Ebizop Premium
AbieAJ Premium Plus
You're very welcome.

You may also click resource below

I click the banner up top "Get the discount" and apply coupon on page.

Or you may try below links.

For Premium $299 yearly grandfathered

Premium Plus $499 yearly grandfathered

If you are a starter | premium, you would get a banner up top that allows upgrading to BF 2021 Premium, once they do, another banner shows up showing BF 2021 Premium Plus.

Premium BF 2021 is $299 yearly grandfathered.

If you are a Premium Plus, you would get a banner up top that allows you to opt-in BF 2021 Premium Plus at $499 yearly grandfathered.

Any amount paid on your subscription will be prorated.

Grandfathered i.e. not subject to price increase.

Hope this helps.