Jaaxy only works for English keywords, so I want to use Dutch keywords and when I try it within Jaaxy I get 0 result.

I tried with some other tools who worked with dutch keywords, but you do not get the same info as with Jaaxy...

Anybody who has the same experience and found a solution?
Or just anyone who knows a solution for this?

Thanks in advance!

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AngelsBird Premium

Thanks for the help and indeed I have tried some extra keywords yesterday and I had the same result with "dagaanbiedingen"! :-)
But other words I have tried the tool really came back with no good info, my 30 free searches are gone now and I still doubting what I will do with the tool.
An example "deal van de dag" or "aanbieding van de dag" the tool gave me not really usable information and also does not suggest other words.
But I found seoeffect (com) and that site does work with dutch words and gives alo result like traffic per month and a comparison between traffic of the month and concurrents.
For now this is good enough.

But when I will try a new site in the future I think I go for an English site... ;-)

JohnDen Premium
As far as I know there isn't a key word tool for other languages. Try amazon they may be able to translate in your language though.
Labman Premium
No, I don't believe it will work for non-english terms.