I have just written a short blog post on Wealthy Affiliate and have not been able to upload a picture.

I tried about 10 times, resizing the photograph to the recommended size and much smaller. However small I made the photograph the system told me that it was too large! So I published a blog post without a picture.

Is anyone else having a similar issue, please?

Thank you for reading.


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Paul225 Premium
Hi Roy,
This might help.
For anyone struggling with placing images on your website, I copied this from dblacksmith, a post he posted 6 years ago.
I hope it helps.

For placing images on your WordPress site
Log in to your admin area
Click on Media
Click on Add New (it is at the top of the page)
Select the files or images that you want from your home computer
Click Open (now once the crunching is finished you have the image available in your media library to put on your pages)
Click on The home symbol at the top of your dashboard
Then choose the page you want to add the photo to
Click on Edit
Click on Add Media
Choose the image from your Media Library
This will place it on your page. You can now move it around by dragging to get position.
Click on Up Date
Check it in view page just to make sure all looks right.

Cheers All have a safe day.

Cheers Paul
philmedia Premium Plus
Hi Roy I uploaded pics and a post from site content this morning and it was fine, the overall site was a bit slow yesterday but it is fine today. Hope you get sorted, internet speeds were having problems everywhere yesterday due to the download of a particular game launch ! Phil
JEaston Premium Plus
Hi, Roy,

I also had that problem sometimes. Especially the images you want to upload not from WA. I re-size the image many time but still the same not accepted by the system, i think just timing with the low internet connection sometimes, because i abled to upload to my articles. Patient sometimes is needed when encountered an error ike this. Good luck! For next.

It was hardware, I couldn't get a picture inside it.
hanley Premium Plus
Hi Roy

It happens sometimes when WA times out .
By closing the post/page and coming back the world is good again.

Frustrating as you fiddle but it might work.

Peter H