Is anyone else's Live Chat not loading?

There must be lots of updates going on because the glitches have been happening a lot lately.


No, I believe that it's just the WA Team making some Awesome improvements for us all!

What do you think?

Is your Live Chat not loading?

Have you noticed any other glitches lately?

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verazhelvis Premium
Quite a few things aren't loading.With me for sure- they understand I need some transition time after holidays.
Happy New Year, Tony!:))
DEversley Premium
My chat is not loading Tony. Yes, I have noticed.
I have had all kinds of issues. Maybe they are still rolling out updates.

I know they know what they are doing but I couldn't help but wonder if it wouldn't be better to roll them out in the wee hours of the morning, for which the time-zone is greatest.

I trust the guys though. They are the experts.

Mary-Elle Premium Plus
No, mine's not loading either.
hilarybassak Premium Plus
Yes mine is not loading and neither is my Jaaxy
improveimpac Premium
not for me either but it is flu season....