When I try to use Jaaxy all the results are blacked out.
This has been happening occasionally, but is getting more frequent.
I tried to attach a screenshot but it didn't work.

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keishalina Premium
hey hi Thomas -- it's been some hours since you've asked about Jaaxy -- is it ok for you now? ... perhaps you've already tried a re-boot or refresh ....

... it works fine here when I'm doing research ....

all the best .... :)
tudogz Premium
It's kind of intermittent. Seems to happen when I try Alphabet Soup or if I try to access without going to the dashboard (straight from the Research button.)
keishalina Premium
... i imagine you've already tried clearing your disk & browser and running scans to clean your computer as well ...

... if it persists, suggest advise site support ...

... and other WA members would have responded by now if they were also experiencing any hiccups with Jaaxy ....

... oh well, we tried ... keep well ... :)