For example Miss A has website called R that talks about fishing and fishing accessories.

On the other hand, Miss A also has a passion for clothing and wishes to affiliate in clothing.

Will she need another website to do this?

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Nuggetz Premium Plus
Well, Theres nothing to stop you having a website about anything you want really. But you should try to keep each website to its own niche. That way Google will know what to rank it as and you can build authority.
BG1024 Premium
Hey divine4h. I would focus on one niche at a time and build up your content and traffic. The good thing is that passion for the second niche won't go away.

Once the first site is seeing some traction and you are confident in content creation and promotion... dig into the second niche and begin building your second website asset around it.

Good luck.
divine4h Premium
Thank you very much indeed.
AbieAJ Premium Plus

ONE niche a website so that you do NOT confuse Google or your visitors.