That, of course is a rhetorical question as we all know that it is absolutely against the rules!

Why is it that some still get away with it?

I know for sure of at least 2 Friends here at WA who've been here for way long enough to know better and are even high ranking within the community as well as on their way to becoming "Super Affiliates" this year at WA!

Does that make it ok for them to post their website and even more - Make it "Clickable" clearly showing their intent for Friends here to indeed "Click on it"!?

Should we all be allowed to post our websites in blogs and make them clickable?

What is "The Rule"

Please post below what your understanding of "The Rule" is and if You believe that we should all have the same rules or not ............

Thank You Friends!

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Freedomseekr Premium
Hi Tony, I've always had the understanding that we aren't allowed to post our websites in blogs. But, I too have noticed a few that really should know better that are doing this on their blogs...we should all have to stick to the same rules in my opinion.

Thanks for sharing, Tony! This is something I'd been wondering on lately myself.
Best wishes :) ~Sherry
michelemarie Premium Plus
We can list our websites in our side bar below posts can't we? .I have until recently, but due to some WA members complaining of plagiarism, it's best not to.
ChrisShouse Premium
Not cool...just saying!
Vickic3 Premium
I thought it was not allowed Tony - everyone needs to adhere to the rules so it is fair
JKulk1 Premium
Thanks Tony. There seems to be a few people lately doing exactly that. Jim