Yo my people, what's up?!

Yesterday I was about to take the Black Friday deal and go yearly.

Unfortunately, at that moment in time, my PayPal account hadn't enough funds available. (Asking for more funds would take me 1-2 days so... I had no time.)

Moments later my automatic WA monthly payment was fired and December got paid.

Today, I got an email from Kyle informing me of the Black Friday savings deal time extension.

And my question is:

If I go yearly now, will my yearly renewals happen on every January or on every December (thus making my payment for December useless)?

I don't think I'll be billed twice for December, but I need to sure.

Could anyone who've had the same experience help me on this one?



After some answer from Wealthy Affiliate friends, this question was answered and solved.

No, I won't be credited twice for the same month.
Here's how you know how much you'll pay.

1. Click your profile icon pic on the header of the page.
2. On the drop-down, click Account Settings.
3. Under Subscription Settings, click the Manage link referring to Membership.
4. Under Membership Options, click the Upgrade Membership button.
5. There you'll find information about how much you will pay.

In my case, the Black Friday fee got a deduction of the same amount I paid yesterday.

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PjGermain Premium
" You pay only $266 today because you have 21 days remaining on your Monthly Billing Cycle. We have subtracted a pro-rated amount from the Black Friday Special offer price.
Your cost today is $266 and then $299 each year after. This switches your billing to the Yearly Membership! "
LouieLuc Premium
Yeap, thanks!
MarionBlack Premium
Not only is your December prorated but you'll automatically get the Black Friday deal every year from now on.
LouieLuc Premium
Thanks so much, Marion. :)
Chris2005 Premium
Mine was prorated last year. You will get credit for December payment.
LouieLuc Premium
Thanks so much Chris, much appreciated, feel safer now.
EKautz Premium
Look at your account settings and/or your profile. There is an area in there somewhere that shows how much your cost would be by the day and is prorated to any payments you've already made as monthly/

LouieLuc Premium
Thanks man, you're right!

I had already been there but did not took the final step (clicking the Upgrade Membership button and being informed of how much I'd pay).
EKautz Premium
AffJac Premium
It should be prorated I would think and I've saw recently where someone said this. Not 100% though.
LouieLuc Premium
Thanks for your input Kevin!