And need to use my laptop but when I went on the laptop and I put in my information it said it was already in use so I put in hardyaloma 48 and now it's asking me to upgrade again but I have upgrade using alomach1 do I just remove the acct. From hardyaloma 48 which is on the laptop that I need to use now since my phone is broken. What can I do to get my premium acct. On my laptop I'm on a mission Mr. Kyle ?

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newmarketpro Premium
You only need to login using your email for the premium account regardless which device you are using.

Try to clear your laptop browser cache and restart your laptop and try login again using the email you use when upgrade to premium.
If you forgot your password, just get it reset by hitting the 'forgot password' link.

Hope I did answer the question.

Alomach1 Premium
thanks you were a life saver sweetie
onmyownterms Premium
You need to log-in to your alomach1 account on the laptop, which it appears you have done because you were able to make this blog post.
Alomach1 Premium
aww thanks so much this morning I did what you said and it was a success. had a lil problems at first but I work with it until I got it I'm not a computer person at