Howdy y'all, I am wondering if there is a way of seeing exactly what a starter member sees? I'm not talking about what is available for a starter member but exactly what a starter member sees. I think it would be helpful when trying to help out a starter member if we knew what they were looking at. Does anybody have an answer to this or a link?

Thanks Donnie

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keishalina Premium
hey hi Donnie! happy new year!

Super question and yes, with the platform & membership changes, it would be very helpful to see what starters do see!

and it looks like Leo's got a helpful suggestion.

enjoy a brilliant, happy, healthy 2021, cheerio-o ***
DonnieNorton Premium
How come I didn't think of that, making a starter membership, I must be losing it in my old age LOL
JeffreyBrown Premium
Leo took the words right out of my mouth, Donnie! Good advice!

leoemery Premium
Just join WA with a new email address and user name and you will see what a starter member sees in that free account
AbieAJ Premium Plus
Hi, I would presume you can make another free account and check it out.