I blogged 4 times and find there's limit 1 a day. It is time consuming I find better concentrate on my project.

Is it must I blog here?

My project question, if anyone can help me I appreciate

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philmedia Premium Plus
I always think the way to think about it is WA is your training school , resource provider and social community , the other is your business and how you run it, so it is your call.

Used cleverly a blog here can get you into the search engines if its written with purpose. Its public which many people forget. Its a platform for your brand if you want it.

I don't blog here personally very often but that is just a focus decision.

The key thing, its your business and you choose how to run it with all the support that WA offer which is amazing. Phil
ChunaC Premium
It is not a MUST but for me personally it is very beneficial. And our blogs here at WA are not wasted. It will boost our online presence and could be noticed by Google in the long run.

God bless you
davebux Premium Plus
No need to blog if you don't want to. Everything is personal choice.
Shawntrout Premium

There is no requirement to be active or blog within the wealthy affiliate platform. I think there should be a balance. You are with wealthy affiliate because you're creating an online business, and a lot of focus or most of your focus should be on that.
If you have time to help people on here, that is always appreciated.

AbieAJ Premium Plus
No it isn't a must. I would say it is totally up to you.

May I add your blog posts do get noticed by Google. So that's a benefit plus.
AbieAJ Premium Plus
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