It is imminent that a super typhoon is going to strike us this coming December 3-5. It's in the Pacific Ocean yet and picking up strength. In calamities like this, the one that's usually hit badly is our electricity lines and can leave our online businesses disabled for two to three weeks so I have to do something to avert the situation.

In Wordpress, there's an option to write articles in advance and schedule them to publish regularly while I'm away so it would look like I'm still here blogging. Also, there's an option in Wordpress to automatically approve comments as they come.

But with Site Comments, is there a way we can do the same? Like request comments evenly distributed in 30 days and the system will automatically approve them as they come?

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accad Premium
What plugin do we use or how do we do it?
siamjerry Premium
I have never seen this in site content and I think there should be no need for it. You should be able to see any comment before it is approved (even after editing). Really bad comments might adversely affect you in search machines.
JeffreyBrown Premium
I was going to say the same thing--no comments at all are better than a bunch of lame ones!