Ok, guys! I seem to have done it again! And I know Ihat I hit save more than once as I was writing. But yet, again, I seem to have sent a block in process to Neverland. Ugh!!! Help!!! How do I get it back?! I was really on a roll!

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GarryJam Premium Plus
once I got lucky I thought I had deleted a whole block that I thought I had moved to another post.
On the other post, I realized I was missing a great chunk. Oh no, do it all again I couldn't face it. fortunately, the stuff on the other post was still there because it wasn't in edit mode when I deleted it. And if you understand any of that well maybe you'll get a chuckle.
CMKetay Premium
Thanks for the help, guys! It was a blog for the WA post side.
TheCatherine Premium Plus
click on the pencil, then blog WA then you should be had to see your draft blogs as a drop-down
lesabre Premium
Hi Christine, was this a blog post within the comment area or a article you were doing for your website. If it was for your site was it within the site content arena.

Best wishes,
Labman Premium Plus
If you are in WordPress, I'm sure you can pull up the revisions. You need to turn on the revisions first. Upper Right there is a small button called Screen Options. Click this and then click on Revisions (you must be inside the post that you want to revise to get the right screen options) Then scroll down below the editor to find the listing of revisions.
HeidiAnders3 Premium
A WA post? They should all be located under the pencil, 'BLOG AT WA'.. not there? 🤷‍♀️😯