Hello Everyone, I think, everything you are doing well.

According to this image, I went to register "Affiliate Programs" and I selected "Health& Fitness" Category and Click "Killer Products For Ex", Then, automaticall, it went to register clickbank site, I put all the details and it told about training video as well. But, when I went to complete my profile by filling total information, then it said my "Account is disable" I don't know why?

Everyone has experience about how to register such Affiliate Programs, Please share your experiece. How can I register it. How can I use it. Thanks your so much your valuable information sharing here.

Good Luck


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phoenix0077 Premium
Good question. I've not had that experience so far. Hope you get some help.

Peace be the journey.
Lea15 Premium
Try logging in a few more times, and if that doesn't work, try another email
DianeScorpio Premium
Hi - you need to join Clickbank to use this affiliate program. It sounds as though your application has been rejected. Some countries are not approved by Clickbank until you send them further photographic proof of your ID.
roysinOnline Premium
Good question. I am following your thread. I have just joined Clickbank, but not joined any of the affiliate merchants on the platform yet.

I hope you will get it sorted out.

philmedia Premium Plus
Never had that happen, it maybe a note to customer service at click bank, if you get the video that is normally the start of the process of signing up. Sounds like an error at their end. Sorry Phil