Is it just me or is anyone else looking forward to the new standards to becoming and Ambassador here at WA?

I sure hope that the following things are addressed:

  • Asking questions that aren't really questions (Like this post) just to improve ranking. (Some here at WA ask 20 questions or more per month)
  • Answering questions without answering questions.
  • Chatting without helping anyone.
  • Commenting excessively on places like "Money Goals"

I'm sure that many things that I have done or do do (Did I just say do do?) rub others the wrong way as well. Indeed I was once ranked #11 here at WA

I made Ambassador in less than 4 months and had 228 days as an Ambassador.

If I ever do become an Ambassador again, I pray that it is because i truly am impacting and helping the community.

Thank you Friends for taking time time to read and also for sharing your thoughts,


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Carol46 Premium
Thank you, Tony, certainly need ambassadors who are indeed educators. Personally, ambassador credits are not on my mind, I'm a newbie!
WarrenK1 Premium
Thanks for the post, Tony. Always like reading your stuff. As a newbie ( just 90 days in), I guess I'm a little confused. I get an email usually everyday saying that there are still unanswered questions for ambassador credits. I check them out as I want to be a good part of the community. But I'll tell you, most of these are not questions, just someone sharing progress or feelings, and then some I have no idea of what it's about. If I feel it would be helpful to respond, I do. Some things need to be celebrated and. frankly, Ambassador credits are the last thing on my mind.

When I ask questions, it's pretty much a last resort.

All that said, if I'm completely missing the boat here, let me know and I'll swallow my embarrassment. WA IS about putting yourself out there. Whatever the new standards are, fine by me.

Thanks for listening to the old guy newbie ramble on.

Cindyda1 Premium
I am still new here and still perusing around reading as many posts as I can, trying to throw in my two cents when I think I might be helpful to someone. I have no desire to reach such a rank and really have no idea what it actually means in reality. But it sounds important. I am here to learn and hopefully make a successful website and when I learn anything help others along the way. I've made plenty of mistakes already and am still proceeding cautiously before making any long term commitments.

Is it OK to ask why you lost your rank here as an "Ambassador"? I am glad to know you still are hanging in here. I have seen posts from you that I deem to be very helpful.
mhmcoaching Premium
Me too, I am on my own race here, I am certainly not out to compete with anyone else.
RHBarlow Premium
I appreciate you insight and experience. It is members like you that makes WA a success.
TheDummyOfWA Premium
That makes sense! :) Those are good steps they're setting up! :) I think an ambassador should know what they're doing, and be helpful to others, and polite and approachable :)
ChrisScott Premium
Exactly!!! You can always approach me. I ain't nobody. I'm just a widdle beah from Bama