Trying to take a screen shot in windows 10. The snipping tool works. I have my image saved but I am not able to insert it into a post.

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bbyard Premium Plus
Hi Sean
I do not have a ''print screen or ImpPT'' on my keyboard..I do find that a bit odd. I was able to take the screen shot and i have it saved just can't insert it into my post...That was yesterday, I did not try it today. A thought--maybe because WA was on and offline yesterday. will try again. Thanks for your help
Phil-58 Premium
Hi there
Install and go
bbyard Premium Plus
Hi Phil
I did that yesterday..have the image saved..cannot insert it into post. Will try again. Thanks for your help
Phil-58 Premium
Hi there Back again
We need to upload image into media in our dashboard backoffice first
Then from media on top of wordpress post
then upload into post
Kyle did a lesson in course3 ( I think ) about how to upload images into posts
Cheers again.......PB
bbyard Premium Plus
Will do
Thanks again for your help
jkGst Premium
Thank you from me also..I need know how to take a scrrenshot in windows 10 Will try to find the training and take it again
BobBarr Premium
I use the tool Jing from TechSmith. It's a free download with lots of capabilities (partial screen capture, annotation of the saved image). It saves its captures as .png files.
SeanThomas88 Premium
Look at the keys at the top of your keyboard. There shouls be one that says ..."print screen" or something like that. Mine says "ImpPT" click that and then just paste into your word doc.

Right click on the image in the word doc .... choose save picture as from the menu and then choose Jpeg from the file types as you save it.

When you go to upload files from your dashboard, it should be there.

There may be a quicker way but that´s how I do it.

Hope this helps