Whenever I give comments, I see to it that I actually go to the website I am commenting to and read the details.

Sometimes, it would cost me 15 to 20 minutes reading the whole blog post. There are times when a blog post is too technical, about X technology to predict X fluctuation in X financial market, it costs me up to 40 minutes trying to understand what is being said so I can comment well.

Then, when commenting.. I see to it that my comment is very related to the topic, and with minimum of 2 paragraphs.. with each paragraph containing 2 to 3 sentences...

I sometimes laugh staring at my comment telling myself, "Wow, I just did a blog post on a blog post!!"

The sad thing happened when there was a blog post I gave a comment to, about e-commerce selling items online.. I commented as if I am an interested customer. I said in my blog post that I am interested, but not sure if I can buy since I am located in the Philippines.

And you know what? She disapproved it.

It hurts because, as I have said earlier, I usually put all my energies commenting on posts, only to be treated as "I have to disapprove your comment because it is not related to the post".


Now, here's my question: How do you report to the WA admin such unreasonable comment disapproval? How do we fight back from having our precious time wasted?

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KennyLee Premium
I also have my fair share of the same issue. I tend to skip over those sites that are totally out of my knowledge, but it's kind of time consuming.

What I is everytime i see a site that's related to my niche, I jot down their details and get in touch for comment exchange.

I'm thinking of starting a private group for those blogs that I know personally. It's easier to help each other off commenting on something we are familiar with.
stephhill Premium
Unfortunately, I do not think there is any way you can report someone for disapproving your comment. Believe me. I understand your time and dedication and I hear your frustration, but unfortunately, the owner of the website has the right to decide what comments to approve and which ones to disapprove. Try to just shake it off and move on......But like I said, I do understand and I have been in your shoes as well. Yes, it is irritating, but that is one of the things we struggle with.

Hang in there. And I promise if you comment on any of my posts, I will disapprove them. :)

jmatos Premium
Do we still get credit if we are disapproved on a comment?
GomMagtibay Premium
Yes. The credit is given in advance for commenting.
Michael-55 Premium
I'm wondering if you go in via technical assistance. They'll be able to piece things together. Perhaps a reply also.

Best strategy though, toss it over your shoulder and give a shrug as you're marching forward looking for another pickle to get yourself into, and out of.

Humans are predictably unpredictable with a tendency to be unpredictably predictable.
Loes Premium
There hasn' t been a comment disapproved of me yet, but I would be mad as hell, I do spend also about 30 minutes to create valuable comments. I certainly would start a blacklist for that website. And I am very sure I would report it to Kyle.

I know of one colleague here who was rejected for the following reason:

" Sorry, I have enough comments on this post"
jmatos Premium
Oh wow that's terrible.
jmatos Premium
CoachGom, I am just commenting on here because I'd like to follow this thread. I too would like to know because just like you I spend a considerate amount of time reading blogs and providing a quality commenst and have been turned down. Although it has only happened a couple times, it is not appreciated.

Looking forward to the solution,

GomMagtibay Premium
So, it looks like this is happening here and I am not the only one who experienced. There was one guy who replied here that I think he has the best among the solutions but I won't point it out as because if we all do his suggestion, then there would be few and fewer people wanting to use Site Comments for credits but instead, the "other one".

I think, the best thing that we can do is, and for the sake of WA's good, is to still use the feature, give comments, be thorough in the comments, and never minding about unreasonable disapproval. As long as we know we did our best, as long as we have already earned the aimed credits, they can always turn down our comments unreasonably! Who cares?

I'd like to know though if, is there any punishment for an increasing disapproval rate?