Recently I was looking for a blog/ training from Jewel Carol but I could not remember her username no matter how I tried.
Not Having a better idea, I had to try and find her image, not an easy task but I did not have any other ideas on how to find her.But in the end, I found her image and this helped me get to her profile and find the blog I was looking for from her.
4 days now I`m looking for a training I saw here some time ago but did not have time for until now. Unfortunately, I do not remember the name of the person so again I`ve been trying to find him by his image(hoping I remember it correctly), find his image then go to his profile and look for his training. A long and tedious work and I have not been successful up to now.
Now, this is made harder because I can not only choose profiles with images, I have to go through mannequins and all that which means checking XXX number of profiles.
Now I dont know if this is possible, but I really hope Kyle and team would find a way to hide those faceless, profile less members that signed up and that was it, they left never to come back.
Now, this does not mean removing them, just hiding the profiles( I don't know if I`m making sense here) so that if/when someone is looking for a member by image (for whatever reason) it might make things easier.
Hope I`m not sounding stupid, but finding an image helped me locate Jewel Carol when I could not remember her name.

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marycmiller Premium
When you come across something you want to view later you can bookmark it. Here is how you do it, up to just under the title of your post you can see a grey star, it is right beside the red envelope. Click on the star and it will turn yellow indicating you are bookmarking the current page, a drop down box will appear, you will have to create a title for this bookmark. Later when you want to find the bookmarked page go to the grey search bar at the top and on the right side at the end of the bar you will see another grey star, click on that and all your bookmarks will appear in a drop down box.

Sorry I can't help you find what you are looking for at the moment, but this is away to find things in the future. Hope it helps.
roamy Premium Plus
Thanks,at times I think I will get to it in a minute but things get on the way, I work on other things and forget to bookmark, and without knowing it, hours later I shut off my computer without bookmarking what I meant to.
Triblu Premium
Hey Roamy,

See screen print below...

The way you found Jewel is the same way I've had to hunt down a member. Remembering one's profile name is more difficult than remembering their real name. :-))
roamy Premium Plus
Thanks, I understand this, but remembering profile name is hard with the many members here, sometimes what we remember is the profile image and as you mention, scrolling, you can scroll and scroll. Been scrolling for an image(as I remember it)without success.
Triblu Premium
It sure can. But like Mary suggested... for training you could bookmark anything shared here to find in the future. And here's how you can do that and retrieve it later: OR... save shortcuts in ONE folder on your computer. That's what I did when I first started here... because you are so right, WA is one vast library of GREAT info and super members!