I sell my Godaddy domains on the Godaddy auction area. How can we sell domains that we have purchased here through WA?

Can we sell them or maybe transfer to Godaddy?

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Sam-K Premium
Dear ,
Do not sell domain names on Sedo.
Sedo is the biggest scam company in the world .
If you want to sell your domain names , then go to " Go Daddy"
GoDaddy is the only realistic company to sell domain names .
They will charge you something like 5 dollars and they will really put your domain names for auctions for 90 days .
In contrary to sedo , sedo try to show that they are free , but actually they are a big scam , they will try to force you to pay for their services which you do not need , if you do not do that they will suspend your account and they will never ever activate it . Even if email or contact them to just delete the account , they won't..With every email i get from sedo they just provide more evidence that they are a scam.
Godaddy is realistic , safe and worth the money.
, Sedo is big scam .
That's from my personal experience .
newy219 Premium
Thanks for the heads up. Fortunately, I’ve never heard of them.
Triblu Premium
Hey Daniel,

Flippa dot com offers vendors a way to sell domains. They were the originators for this particular service.

Google searching this question, I also found the following:
2.) Sedo dot com
3.) Afternic dot com
4.) Igloo dot com
5.) Cax dot com
6.) Brandbucket dot com
7.) Huntingmoon dot com

Hope this helps you.
newy219 Premium
ok sounds good I'll look into it, I just have no idea how that works lol so I guess I'll have to do some research.

Flippa looks really interesting though.
Triblu Premium
Think I'd be most apt to use Flippa simply because they were the one to start this idea/offer. Their blog offers all sorts of great advice when selling domains too, so you may gain an advantage reading through some of them.