In one of the videos it shows him going to the website someone made to use as an example, it was the video of the snack helmets...He explained in the video that you create a website, someone finds your website on google, then they click on a product and it takes them to Amazon where they can purchase question is what training video goes over how to set up the clickable products on your website so they can view the product, and how to set it up so that it takes the customer to Amazon? I am so confused, it explains how to set up a website, but how do you set up a website specific for a product or categories of products? Also where is the best place to find these products to put on your website? Do you choose from selections on your site, or do you just find any random product and copy the info onto your site? This seems so much harder than it actually seemed...when the training video went into how to actually put content on your website, it just had all writing on it and no products, where is a video that shows how to put clickable products on your page? How do you set up a cart so people can make purchasing selections before being taken to Amazon? (For Example: When you go to and search a product, when you want to see more info about the product you click on the photo or link below and it takes you to another screen where it shows descriptions, more photos, and a button to choose to purchase...Or you place it in a cart or wishlist)...Does any training videos explain how to do that? Or are we just paid to write reviews about products? It seemed as if I would be trained how to do those things in coming up videos but I skipped ahead and I cannot find anything about it anywhere...

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BvVugt Premium
You are trying to run, before you’ve learned how to walk :-)
Take it one step at a time and start here:
Wharri007 Premium
Hi, you have to continue your online training. If you didnt subscribe to premium, you probably need to because in level 3 in the Online Entrepreneur Certificate training there's lessons on adding affiliate links to your website.

Becoming premium gives you access to everything you need to succeed.

Good luck, hope that helped :-)
Wharri007 Premium
Also take it slow and really study every training lesson.
I was under the impression you make money right away before deciding to upgrade to premium, I assumed premium just gave you more options of web design and layout, access to speaking to more users, access to learn more speaking points and all that...a girl that posted about this had wrote that she was making a decent income before choosing to sign up....which has me very confused....when going through the beginning training videos it goes over writing a bio, and he talks about baseball in his post and all that....what exactly do I write about if I dont know what I am writing about or what these training videos are going to help me accomplish....could you possibly send me links to a few of your websites that you have created so I can get some kind of clue what to expect I will be doing and creating? If more comfortable, send to tuckertara62@ yahoo..I would very much appreciate it
OrgainITGuy Premium
Errrr. Why did you skip ahead:)?

Amazon as an example is an Ecom store.

we are affiliate website developers.
and search engine pro's:)

so you don't need to worry about the store, wishlist cart or any of that mumbo jumbo:).

We sign up to sites like amazon or clickbank etc. ie affiliate networks. choose a related product/s and get the peronally coded link to place on our website.

here is my WA affiliate link taken from the affiliate button at the top of your question where it say affiliate with the chain link. where you see that chain link inside WP editor by all the other eit symbols. you can highlight over text, like "Check It Out Here" click that chain link and enter you affiliate link in the box provided:)

You can also enter it in Images to make them a clickable banner.

Hope that gives you some clarity to begin sussing it out and practise with.:)

honestly I would consider fighting the urge to skip.

Many blessings Rob
I skipped ahead because I dont know what the end result even is...I dont understand the process at all...I didnt want to keep sitting through hours of videos when I dont even know if I can actually do it or not, or want to do it. It sounds so overwhelming and I am not understanding the concept whatsoever...could you send me a link to some of your websites so I can have an idea of what i am creating and why? I need an example to look through to be able to understand it better, the finished version...what do you mean by inserting affiliate links onto my website? What should a website look like? What do you talk about in the videos? I have no clue what I am doing or trying to learn how to create...if more comfortable send to my email (with no space of course, I had to write it that way because you cannot put links in messages if you are not a premium user) please send to tuckertara62@ yahoo
I meant "what do you talk about on your website" where the instructor guy wrote about you write about one product? Where do you advertise your website? This is all too much, I am totally overwhelmed.