i cancelled my subscription and after having thought through it, I no longer wish to do so. How best do I go about reversing this so, my next payment goes through on December 2nd?

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GeoffreyC1 Premium
I would have thought that you just need to reactivate your payments and it will continue on when your current paid period expires.
bnaylor Premium
Thanks for your response... You may be right, had my payments lapsed... I think the problem at this point is my subscription i still active until December 2nd.,,Maybe I just need to wait until it lapses and try that... I was just hoping there might be a way to "un-cancel"... :-)
Calvinator63 Premium
Hi Bryan,

I think you might want to email Kyle "Kyle@WealthyAffiliate.com"
and if you do not get an answer from him. You may need to make a manual payment on the second and then possibly Kyle can reinstate your account for you after that.

Hope this helps,

bnaylor Premium
Thanks Calvin... I have sent an email to Carson with my request and I've just gone back and sent a "reply all" and added Kyle... Hopefully that catches it... I appreciate the response... Bryan