Hi Guys...
Hope you all are doing great?
Have a little issue I hope you can help out with.
Since I forwarded my domain email to my Gmail account, I realise that when I have to respond to a message from my domain email, it only gives me the option to respond from my Gmail address and not my domain address.
Secondly, I do not have/ or see any option on how to send an email through my domain address, as it always displays my Gmail email address instead.

I would like to know how I can fix this so that I can respond or send emails with my domain email address.
Or if I need to stop the forwarding for this to work out, how do I go about it?

Thanks in anticipation.

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heljam404A Premium
Very good question, thanks to Triblu and Alysanna I know the answer, thanks much, my friends.
Nqueen Premium
We all learn new things every day.
Triblu Premium
Hey Nnakife,

If video is easier to understand... you may want to check this training out: Hope you find this helpful.
Alysanna Premium
Hi Nnakife,

Here's a training by Mary on how to send email from your domain gmail ad:
Nqueen Premium
Thank you very much Alysanna

I have tried using the search bar for something like this but didn't find any. I really appreciate your help, will follow the guide to set mine up properly.
juanster2017 Premium
Good Question hopefully other members in the community can help answer this question.