Hi family, would you please help me what is my first step in creating a blog post in my site. I am currently in phase 2 Task 1. Please help me. Thank you.

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HenryPing Premium
There I was the 1st time doing it. Then you get to used to it. 😁
Aussiemuso Premium
Hi Lucky, this confused me too. On the left hand side you will see a list. Click on Websites, then look down that list to Site Content, click on that. This will take you to where you can write a post for your website. There are pre made templates you can use and this will help you structure your first post or blog.

Let us know how you go. Also put your first name at the end of every post or blog you do so people can relate to you as a real person.

You can succeed in this, all the tools and help are here. Do each lesson, write content, help people. Never stop learning and you will grow into your success.

Cheering you on.

Lily 😊
lucky86d Premium
Nice shot let me go for it then. Thanks to you Aussiemuso.
ShariP Premium
Hello lucky,. If you look at the very top menu (in the black). You will find a pencil icon. You can than choose to write a blog in WA. Hope this helps
lucky86d Premium
Thank you, let me try then. Thank you so much.