Hi Guys! Hope you all are doing great?

I need your help to sort this out please...

For awhile now, I have been having some of my pages excluded from indexing intentionally.

And the reason given for most of them is that I tagged them with "no index". I have gone through the ones that are posts, but there is no where I included no index, so I don't really know how to deal with that.

Secondly, there are some that are comments I received here at WA sitecomment, but they are all supposedly tagged "no index" by me, these are very confusing as I know I didn't use no indexing for any of these pages, atleast I have checked it over and over again to be sure.

any idea(s) on how to del with this will be highly appreciated.


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Triblu Premium
Hey Nnakife,

The following tutorial may offer you the help you seek: If not, then you may want to check through the many other training, questions (comments may offer resolves), and blogged tips. See screen print below...
Nqueen Premium
Thank you very much Triblu. Appreciate your help. Will check the tutorial out.
Mick18 Premium
Sorry, no idea I would contact Site Support.
Nqueen Premium