Registration in other affiliate companies require data on traffic so as to complete the registration. How do I get these data?

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jghwebbrand Premium
Have you set up Google Analytics and Google Search Console yet?

Google Analytics will give you search volume by page (post).

Do you have at least 15 - 20 niche content posts on your site. If not it is important to write more content to grow traffic to your site.
You can include some informational posts (how tos, definitions).

Wait until you are getting traffic to your website before applying to an affiliate program. Without traffic you will not make any sales.
DianeScorpio Premium
Hi - you will need to create a Google Analytics account. However, your website has not even been found by Google yet, so it is not in its search engine, so nobody will find it.

This is called indexing and can take a couple of weeks. You will get an email when it happens. Following that, each post you write has to be indexed individually, before it is added to Google.

Realistically, it takes several months before you start getting traffic. Although you have reached the stage in the training where it asks you to apply to join affiliate programs, it is too early in my opinion.

Most programs inspect your website and expect to see lots of original written content before they accept you, at least 15 posts.

And the more content you have, the better. I suggest that right now, you simply concentrate on writing as many posts as you can, focusing on lots of informational content about your chosen niche.
AbieAJ Premium Plus

Your site need be ready before you apply for affiliate programs

You would have written 20 - 30 posts and have some traffic to be able apply for affiliate programs as typically they will check your site for relevance and traffic prior approval.

For Amazon it is 10 - 15 posts. You also would have to make 3 sales in your first 180 days.

Lucrative programs - 40 posts +

Once accepted, they've given you material and special tracking code links you can share on your site.

Essentially you are writing more informational posts so that you do not sound so salesy to Google and if there’s a solution, a detailed analysis review post for your visitors to let them make an informed decision whether to go click your links and go purchase the focused item you proposed to solve their issue.

Once they do, and in accordance with your affiliation terms and conditions, how commission payouts are tracked and paid. You need to read up how payments are made because different programs follow different rules; some pay by check others via PayPal or straight to your check account.

I would always adhere to your affiliate program terms and conditions.

However, you are needing to install Google Analytics on your websites.
AbieAJ Premium Plus
Depending which SEO plugin you use

The Seo framework You can use the Ad Inserter plugin, as you do not want to edit your themes files directly as you will lose your changes when the theme updates or if you change your theme. How to insert code for Google Analytics


AIO SEO > General Settings > Webmaster tools tab > Add the “whole code” to the miscellaneous verification section and save changes.

Then I go here verify my tracking code is working.

Tutorials ========================

WA recommends the SEO framework.

However if you are already using AIOSEO, then you can carry on using. as perhaps you may want to have a new niche site, you may then use the SEO framework, save messing up site (Kyle's recommendation).

You may also see Kyle’s comment on below resource discussion thread Hope this helps.