With my mistake, three comments of others comments have disapproved. Then, the site is disabled my offer comments. How can I enable my offer comments?

The displaying message is " We're sorry, too many of your previous comments have been reported as spam, being inappropriate, or low quality. You do not have the ability to leave further comments. "

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QAVAVO Premium
Really strange.
ChrisTowers Premium
I have not heard of people being banned from commenting before..

Ok .. we all get disapproved comments one time or another.. Personally i would make contact with Kyle or Carson to see if you can get it sorted.

I remember one time I got a comment disapproved... the reason was.. the website owner did not know the answer to a question I asked him about his content.

instead of researching it, or simply saying he will get back to me.. he/she just disapproved it.

Sometimes these are not your fault... but go to the management with it.. maybe they can help!

Explain the situation and you may get somewhere!

AmazeCPS Premium
thanks for your very good informamtion
ChrisTowers Premium
Your welcome