I haven't been as active at WA lately but now that I have come back, I have noticed many posts that I thought were in violation of the rules.

Have you seen any of these?

Have the rules changed?

Some examples of what I have seen are:

  • Sharing of website links
  • Email addresses shared
  • Requests to buy from their Amazon account
  • Promoting others

The above have been from members who have been members for way long enough to know the rules.

Have the rules changed?

What have you seen lately that's against the rules?

Are the rules only for certain people?

Who is above the rules?

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Kyle Premium Plus Featured Comment
No, the rules have not changed. They are outlined here. If you see anyone abusing these, let me know through PM and I will deal with this right away.
Debs66 Premium
This could be a fault of mine Kyle. It wasnt intentional at all. Please let me know. If it is the post I think it is then I shall take direct responsibility for it. I requested the link. I am not 100% sure yet if it is but then if it is let me be the one to take the wrap for it Kyle not the young fellow. :(
Blessedalso2 Premium
Relevant questions Tony!

It appears your questions were answered, and now I have the answer too!

Also, I have a plan of action as well.

Thanks, Tony!

All the best,

merlynmac Premium
No they haven't. I tend to take what I see in context. For example if I'm helping someone out and they want to see a privacy policy or what not..I will share mine in response. I'm not advertising my site or link, just providing it so they can use it as an example.

I've done the same with answering questions like what should I pick as a domain name for my niche. I give them the example of one of my passions and then I say, based on that I picked xxx.com as you can see it relates directly to my niche.

Now when I see someone offering to sell their services, asking for comments or feedback and throwing their URL in there, I let them know this is not OK and point them to the threads and tools where such requests can be made (i.e. the Give and take thread or Site Comments/Site Feedback).

Basically what I'm saying is, no they haven't changed but I address each occurrence contextually.
HeidiY Premium
Exactly, each occurrence should be taken in its merits. Nathaniel or Dylan can’t remember now did a great blog in this a while back when everyone was getting het up in live chat about sharing URL’s.

It is ridiculous to ask a newbie to PM you their URL when they ask for help, they are not spamming they are asking for help. A simple look and 2 minute explanation can get them on their way.

Likewise for sharing our own URLs to help someone. I don’t do this in live chat, even though it would be easier for the newbie, as I am a little gun shy :) there are plenty who will click the spam button at the drop of a hat. It needs to be taken in context of why the link is out there in the first place.

It is easy to see blatant spam for what it is, as was the case in chat yesterday.
Marley2016 Premium
Not that I know of and I mark all of the ones I see,
I have also not been as active in Live Chat but
if I see someone post in there when I am working
in WA I will jump over and post the link for Spam
along with a warning - I am hoping that all other
members who know the rules are doing the same.

Your friend,
TommyPotter Premium
I do not think the rules have changed. Maybe there is not a system that constantly monitors these violations because in general the community trusts that we will all comply with them in good faith.