Are there members who use one of the above mentioned
correction software?
I have the trialversion of used some days and
this functions nearly perfect. Today I saw has many good features for writing blogs and so on.
Can you tell me something about your experiences with one of the two
or both.
Another question: is there correctionsoftware free of charge?
And: is there other software for correction?

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balisong5 Premium
Not 100% sure but based from what my friends online and offline have to say I would have to go with
Warner43 Premium Plus
Why did you choose for correctenglish? Do you know also grammarly?
KD6PAO Premium
Likewise, will check out. Wasn't aware of these! Thanks.....
Wayne Wallace Premium
I'll check them out, thanks
giludi Premium
I'm using a free and paid plugin: Proofread Bot.
Warner43 Premium Plus
I will try that too. Thanks.
Ethan Glover Premium
I love Grammarly, especially the Microsoft Word plugin and the browser plugin. (The browser plugin is free and works in everything including these comments.)

I use it for everything and it's improved my writing by scores. It's helped with my college quite a bit and is a life saver for my blogs. Haha, sorry, not enough praise can be made for me. :)
best 4 you Premium
For Firefox users, the is an extension-thanks for posting, sometimes my spelling/grammer need a little polish.
Warner43 Premium Plus
The browser plugin is the Lite version.
Grammarly Lite will not detect advanced grammatical or stylistic mistakes. But it checks the blog -among other things- on plagiarism?