I wanted to know if Wealthy Affiliates support "ClickFunnel" type of configuration? If not what is recommended for such a functionality here in WA.

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jennetts Premium Plus
Hi this is outside trend whichever you click costs you money. I am in to this funnel marketing. I temporarily paused because I found WA better. If you have not spend much money to them please pauses yourself and concentrate with WA. Correct me if I am wrong. Good luck.
philmedia Premium Plus
There are some that plug into wordpress and some very expensive ones that don't , I have been studying them of late and I think on reflection your purpose comes before the funnel as in what are you wanting to achieve with your funnel...if you do a search for word press and funnels there are some good articles on it and Jay has done some excellent training on them.. good luck...Phil
Dale123 Premium Plus
At Wealthy Affiliate you can have your own entire website, you're not restricted to just a "funnel" like you are at ClickFunnels etc.

It's up to you how you design your website... You can feel free to use it to build a funnel (and there are plenty of plugins that make it easy).
wjames09 Premium Plus
I understand! Kinda new at this may need a little guidance. lol
AbieAJ Premium Plus
Hi, we recently asked this question, there's two to three links on the question, however am following on the thread, you may like to view
Triblu Premium
Hey Willie,

WA is a learning platform where affiliate marketing is the primary course taught.

ClickFunnel is a separate business owned and operated by other people. If you were to sign up to ClickFunnel you would be using their server and not the WA web hosting servers.

Hope you find this helpful.
wjames09 Premium Plus
Thank you, so very much!